Mary Way’s New York

Corner of Pearl & Chatham Streets

Corner of Pearl & Chatham Streets

 No. 98 Chatham Street was one of Mary Way’s residences in New York.

It was here that she painted miniatures and offered a ladies drawing academy.

Just a few blocks away from bustling Broadway Street, No. 98 Chatham Street was described by Way in a letter to her niece:

June, 1817

“I am still in Chatham Street N[o]. 98, two doors above the corner of Pearl and Chatham streets upon your left hand as you go up, opposite Wayman’s. You will recollect where we turn to go to our old church. ‘Tis much pleasanter and more public situation than where I lived before. here is as much to be see-as much noise and racket-as in Broadway, where I expected to have been at this present writing.  I had engaged a house there, as I thought; but the devil of a landlord was offer’d more rent than he had ask’d me and expected the offer. I give here higher rent than at Tyllues.
The situation is better, the house handsomer and more commodious. I have still a dark bed-room (at your service, where you shall be heartily welcome to feast your fishbones and hogg’s bristles) with many other conveniences too tedious to mention.”

At the time of the 1857 map publication (decades after her departure from New York), the key notes that Way’s residence was a First Class brick or stone dwelling, with a coped slate or metal roof and a store underneath.

Image courtesy of the New York Public Library Digital Gallery,
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